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Commercial Cool Roof Systems in Woodlands, TX

The common way for Peak Roofing Systems professionals to approach a home involves a few goals. Those are to make the roof more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and, of course, gorgeous to look at. But beyond all of that, when we restore a commercial roof we aim to offer coatings that are extremely high quality. These coatings not only cool down the average temperature of the building, but they also serve to cut the cost of utilities.

If your commercial roof within The Woodlands is experiencing breakdown, Peak Roofing Systems is who you call. We insist on improving the appearance of roofs while simultaneously achieving lowered indoor temperatures and energy-efficient processes.

Cool Roof Coatings: The Basics & Benefits

Just as a window can be energy-efficient or a commercial HVAC system can cool down an entire building, a cool roof system can keep a business or office building at a comfortable level. These cool roof coatings do many things. First and foremost, they create a genuinely cool roof. This is opposed to other roofs – such as aluminum, painted, or light-colored granules – that cannot always produce a similar effect.

Additionally, cool roofs provide an unmatched reflectivity. It has been reported that cool roofs can up your energy efficiency, and in some cases, gain you a full approval of the Cool Roof Rating Council and of the standards from Energy Star.

What We Offer in Cool Roof Technology

Here at Peak Roofing Systems in The Woodlands, we offer two different cool roof options: silicone- or acrylic-based. Each one comes with benefits of its own, but we will mention that silicone roofs are fire resistant and protects against UV rays and water damage.

Don’t hesitate. Get cool with the help of Peak Roofing Systems. For information, call our qualified professionals at 281-290-7325 | 281-730-8094 today!

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