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#1 Residential Roofing Services in Frisco & Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Residential Roofing ServicesYour Dallas area home is your most valuable asset because it keeps your family and belongings safely tucked inside under one roof.  Keeping that roof in top condition is one of the most important aspects of home ownership. Roof problems can cause stress if you don’t know where to turn for reliable, professional roofing services.

Peak Roofing Systems is here to provide integrity for your peace of mind whenever roofing work is needed in Frisco, McKinney, or the greater DFW area.

We’ll care for your roof with a wide menu of services, ranging from installation and repair to roof maintenance, gutters, window/glass repair, paint, or fence repair/staining. We’ve got you covered!

Residential Metal Roofing

Residential metal roofing is currently one of the fastest growing areas of home improvement. Whether you’re suffering from a leaking roof or simply want more energy efficiency throughout your home, a metal roofing is a viable, smart option. The benefits of residential metal roofing include lower maintenance, lower utility bills each month, and increased durability. Homeowners who opt for metal roofing enjoy significant protection against wind, hail, snow, and even fire. Furthermore, metal roofing comes in a wide variety of styles to match your particular tastes.

Installing metal roofing is a straightforward process. At Peak Roofing Systems, we utilize the most recent tools and techniques to ensure your roof is professionally installed without hassle. We’ll send in experienced roofing technicians who understand your needs come first. In fact, we’ll get the job done, so you never have to worry about the stability of your roof any longer.

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We offer all types of home roofing systems, including:

Our Roofing Specialists are Customer Service All-Stars

Choosing a new roof or requesting leaking roof repairs can be confusing, which is why we always have specialists available to discuss your options with you. We want to give you the best roof possible while taking your wants and needs into consideration.

Here’s what our expert roofing contractors will discuss with you:

  • Roofing type options that are best for your home and budget
  • Best brands available
  • Pricing options
  • Energy requirements
  • Ease of installation
  • Product reliability
  • Performance levels
  • Workmanship guarantee
  • Improvements that qualify for deductions/rebates

Residential Roofing Cost

When it comes to residential roofing costs, there are a variety of factors that determine the exact price.

Things like the size of your home, and the cost & quality of the roofing materials being used, all contribute to the price tag attached to your roof. The exact size of your roof is said to be the largest cost factor, along with the precise pitch (or, slope) of the roof in question.

To most accurately determine how much your residential roofing system job will cost, it’s always best to get a professional assessment. Here at Peak Roofing Systems, our experts are happy to help provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your roofing needs!

Residential Flat Roof Repair

If you have a residential flat roof that’s giving you problems, you want it to get repaired as soon as possible. Most homeowners also want to shop around to find the best price. However, when it comes to roof repair, you don’t want to jump on the cheapest service available. Technicians who charge the least often complete subpar work, which ultimately saddles you with increased repair costs down the line. Instead, contact Peak Roofing Systems to get professional repair services.

When is it time for repairs? The moment you notice a leak. If left unattended, the hole may grow in size and cause further damage to your home. The more damage, the higher the repair bill. At Peak Roofing Systems, we have the experience you require to fix a residential flat roof. We’ve serviced countless homes in need of repairs. We also offer emergency roof repairs whenever you need them!

Residential Metal Roofing Cost

There used to be a stigma surrounding residential metal roofing. Many people mistakenly thought that it created more indoor heat, more noise from outside, and lower efficiency. As more and more homeowners today are realizing, this is just not true. Metal roofing works well and lasts for a long time. Far from increasing indoor heat, it reflects the sun and keeps the interior fresh and comfortable.

If you’ve decided to invest in a metal roof, you probably want to know about installation costs.

At Peak Roofing Systems, we believe in affordable services. We’re homeowners just like you. Our technicians will provide you with a full quote of our services before they begin any work. You’ll know the approximate cost of labor, materials, and anything else required. You’ll also have the final say before we proceed. This is your home, and we want you to have all the information.

Residential Steel Roofing Installation

Metal roofing currently accounts for around 10% of the residential market. The advances made in metal roofing in recent years have made it a viable, cost-effective option. This has led many homeowners today to consider investing in metal roofing.

Your metal roof will help deter the elements, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and increase your home’s security. In fact, a metal roof can save you up to 40% on your monthly utility bills, and will last up to four times longer than an asphalt roof. At Peak Roofing Systems, we provide professional steel roofing installation services. If you want to switch to a metal roof, make sure you get a certified and insured service provider to install your new roof. You could easily select the cheapest service, but you’ll spend more money on repairs and replacements in the long-run. Instead, opt for a professional service with a proven track record.

How can a homeowner recognize when a roof system has problems?

Often, homeowners only recognize roof system problems after some damage has occurred – therefore, it’s so important to inspect your roof on a regular basis, to help uncover any problems before they cause severe damaging.

The following are signs of some common roof system problems: cracked paint, missing or cracked shingles, mold growth indoors on the ceiling or base boards, or granule buildup in gutters.

If your roofing system needs maintenance or repair, it’s time to call Peak Roofing Systems. Here at Peak, our roofing specialists are committed to providing top-notch care for your roof. Contact us today to find out more!

Do I need to protect any items inside my house from possible damage?

In short, the answer is yes –if your roofing system is undergoing maintenance, you will need to protect your household items from potential damage.

There’s no need to worry! Simply take care to pack away any fragile items, particularly if they’re hanging on your walls – vibrations from construction can cause any items on walls or on open shelves to break.

Do you have any other questions about your upcoming roof system maintenance & repair? Don’t hesitate to contact Peak Roofing Systems today – our team of skilled roofing experts are always happy to help answer questions and provide their professional assistance.

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