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Why You Should Replace Your Roof in Winter

Roofing Contractors Irving, TXIt is a common misconception that you need to wait till after winter to replace your roof. In Texas, we can get some pretty serious winter weather including ice storms. You will want to replace your roof before your damaged roof becomes the victim of a severe ice storm. Winter weather can be harsh to your already damaged roof and cause more leaking, water damage, and considerably lessen your home’s energy efficiency.

Things to Consider

While replacing your roof during the winter, there are some key considerations you need to make. First and foremost you need to choose a professional roofer that knows how to properly install a roof during the cold weather months. Installing a roof in winter will require some adjustments to the installation process including:

  • Changes in pressurized tools
  • Different methods to properly cut and install asphalt shingles
  • Different sealing methods

A Better Roof, A Better Holiday

When you replace your roof, you not only will enjoy a leak-free holiday, but you will also save considerably on your heating bill. A leaky or damaged roof can’t properly insulate your home. The result is your heating system working in overdrive to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. With a brand new roof, your home’s heating system can work much more efficiently. This should help you save some cash each month on your energy bill.

Call a Professional

You need to call Peak Roofing Systems as soon as possible to get started on your roof replacement. We have years of experience helping countless clients replace their roof, even in winter! One of our experienced licensed roofer will come to your home, inspect your roof, and provide you with an inspection. We are sure that you will be impressed with our exceptional customer service.

For more information about replacing your roof in winter, contact Peak Roofing Systems. Call 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 to schedule your initial consultation.

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