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Why Ventilation is Important to Your Home

Roof Ventilation

Ventilation is a key component of keeping your home in the best shape possible. It helps keep moisture, heat and indoor pollutants out of your home. Home ventilation helps your home breathe which prevents moisture and heat from building up in the attic or crawlspaces. Too much heat or moisture in these areas can cause rot and damage. Here are a few facts about proper ventilation and how it is an important component of home maintenance.

Structural ventilation

Attic ventilation is key to preventing wood rot and moisture damaging from occurring in your home. The idea behind ventilation is to create an upward flow of air that circulates so the air does not remain stagnant. If you do not have adequate venting, or that venting becomes blocked, it can cause the air to heat up, cause the wood to sweat and condensation can occur. This condensed water can soak into the wood and insulation leading to rot. This can also start causing electrical issues, as water and electricity do not mix. If you suspect your vents are clogged, or you do not have enough adequate venting, call a licensed professional experienced in structural ventilation.

Roof ventilation

One way to check if your roof is properly vented is to go up into the attic routinely. If you notice that it is both hot and humid in the attic area, then the venting is not proper. There should be a way to properly vent so moist air can escape. Roofing vents should be inspected on an annual basis so that damaged vents can be repaired or replaced. Do a quick look over your roof before each summer to make sure you don’t end up with vent issues.

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