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Why Proper Roof Ventilation is Crucial

Roof VentilationProper roof ventilation is extremely important for the longevity and comfort of your home. Without the right amount of ventilation from your attic to the outside, you may encounter a multitude of problems such as heat and moisture buildup, and increased energy costs. Here at Peak Roofing Systems, we offer consultations and services to evaluate and solve your home’s ventilation issues.


In the winter, your home is heated to maintain comfort. The air in the living space has a high moisture content and tends to rise into the attic. Without proper ventilation, this moist air can condense under your roof, not only causing the deterioration of your roof but also of your attic structure. In fact, some roof shingle manufacturers require roof ventilation to pass their standards in order to validate the warranty on the roof.

Snowmelt Problems

In addition to causing rot problems, excess warm air in the attic can melt snow on the roof in the winter. The runoff accumulates and refreezes into ice dams, which can be detrimental to your roof and gutters. When the runoff accumulates under the roof shingles, the expansion of the frozen ice can push apart the shingles, leading your home to need a roof replacement much sooner than you’d expect. Increasing the airflow by adding vents will prevent this problem.

Installing Attic Vents

Some people hesitate to install attic ventilation, as they fear that it will cause wasted heat and air conditioning to leak out of the house. These fears are not quite accurate; your living space is already protected from the attic drafts by the insulation in the attic floor and will not be affected by roof ventilation. If you suspect that your roof needs ventilation, contact the experts at Peak Roofing Systems by dialing 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732. We can examine your house, attic, and roof, and make suggestions as to how to correct your ventilation problems.

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