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What to Do with a Leaky Roof

Roof Leak RepairA leaky roof can cause significant damage to both your roof and your home. Don’t panic just yet! Leaks are a common problem and can be fixed rather easily, as long as you catch it early. Here are some simple things you can do when you find or suspect that you have a leaky roof.

Find the Location of the Leak

It is important to confirm that the leak is in your roof, and not a busted pipe inside your home. In order to find a leak, climb up into your attic during a rainstorm and bring a flashlight. Scan the inside of your attic with the flashlight until you see water reflecting back at you. If you don’t want to wait till the next rainstorm, have a buddy run a hose on your roof to simulate rainfall.

Small Leak? No Problem

If you see the leak, and it seems like a small patch is needed, you can patch it yourself. Make sure that you understand the proper way to patch a small leak; otherwise you are setting yourself up for a roofing disaster. Always remember to wear safe shoes, use a sturdy ladder, and have a friend watching to make sure you can get on and off the roof safely.

Call a Professional

When you can’t find the leak, or the patch job is just too big to handle yourself, call a roofing expert. Getting the job right the first time can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. The experienced contractors at Peak Roofing Systems can inspect the issue, assess damage, and repair your roof quickly and efficiently. We repair leaky roofs all the time and are happy to assist you.

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