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What are the Basics of Roof Maintenance?

Regular maintenance can keep your roofing beautiful, safe, and protected for many years to come, and the specifics of your Texas roofing maintenance plan should be determined by the unique needs of your roof. Whether you plan to do your own roof maintenance or you want to hire Peak Roofing Systems, here are the basics you should cover:

  • Clear all debris from the roof, HVAC units, and any other protrusions on the roof
  • Identify and eliminate moss or algae growing on the roof
  • Inspect for current and potential damage to the shingles, flashing, ridges, and other parts of the roof
  • Repair any roofing problems right away
  • Inspect, clear, and test the gutters and downspouts
  • Remove hazards such as tree branches or overhanging items

Check for early signs of roof failure (sagging, buckling, roof deck deterioration)

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