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Top Metal Roof Installation Mistakes

Top Metal Roof Installation MistakesAs a professional roofer, Peak Roofing Systems always notices the roofing mistakes made by other companies. While it may not be readily apparent to the customer, it is important that they are well aware of the common issues with installing a metal roof. When you are armed with the right information, you can ensure that your roof is properly installed. Here are just a few of the mistakes we regularly see with metal roofing.

Color Variability

Metal roofing’s color is supposed to be consistent throughout. However, if you look at some cheaply done metal roofing, you may notice a slight variability in the metal’s color. This is a common issue, especially when you hire bottom-barrel roofers. They don’t understand the problems with using different batches of metal material.

Incorrect Sealant

When you are installing a metal roof, there are particular types of sealant that you can and cannot use. Some inexperienced roofers will just use any old sealant around protrusions. This can lead to leaks, roof damage, rusting, and can even void the warranty.

Incorrect Fastener Installation

When you are installing a metal roof, you need to be well aware of the differences in temperature and humidity has on the metal roof and the wood below. This can cause the fasteners to move and back out or rust. Incorrectly installed fasteners can lead to leaks and permanent damage. If you start to notice rust on your fasteners or that they are popping up call our roofing contractors right away for assistance.

Wavy Panels

When you use the incorrect standing seam panel, the metal roof can start to appear wavy. This is called oil canning and can look really cheap and messy. With the Texas weather, you need to use the proper standing seam panels to prevent oil canning from occurring. An experienced roofer will know what type to use for your climate.

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