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Tips to Repair Roof Leaks

Leaking RoofDoes your roof have a leak? If so, you will want to fix the leak as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your roof or inside of your home. Of course, you can call out the help of a professional roof specialist, but before you do that, there are a couple of things you should try yourself.

Look for the Source of the Leak

First and foremost, you should check for any obvious damage on the roof, directly around where the water is coming into your home. Finding the leak is usually easily on a flat roof, so it may take some searching if you don’t have a flat roof. If your roof is slanted, inspect areas that are higher than where the leak enters the home as the water may be getting in at a higher point and dripping downwards.

If you have an attic, inspect it with a flashlight for water stains, black marks or mold. There you can also use a trick whereby you go into your attic during the day and keep all of the lights off and see if you can see any spots where light peeks through.  Additionally, you can try another trick which involves running a hose along different sections of the roof and have someone inside alert you when the leak occurs.

Roof Damage

Thoroughly check for damaged, curled or missing shingles near where the leak is coming in. Look closely for exposed roofing tacks as this could also cause a leak.

If you spot any shingles that are curled back, straighten them out. In colder weather, you may have to soften the shingle edge with heat, such as a hair dryer or radiator. Once you’ve straightened out the curled shingle, reattach it with a generous amount of asphalt roof cement or compound around the exposed edges. If the shingle is completely damaged, replace entirely.

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