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Tips for Increasing Your Roof’s Longevity


Increase Roof’s Longevity Frisco, TXIf you’re a homeowner or business owner, knowing how to increase your roof’s longevity will save you big money in the long run. A new roof can be an expensive ordeal and often a shorter roof lifespan is still long enough to be easily forgotten. Proper roof maintenance can prevent major structural repairs and increase your roof’s longevity up to 25%, giving you extra years before material replacement.

The initial step in increasing your roof’s longevity is the first step in adding the roof itself. Make sure that the materials used are quality materials and ensure that the workmanship is quality work as well. Cheap materials and poor workmanship will inevitably lead to the early break down of your roof. To lengthen your roof’s lifespan, simply follow these three steps:

Regular Maintenance

Clean Gutters

Keep an eye on your gutters. If you have trees nearby, your gutters will need to be cleaned out more regularly. Clogged gutters can create stagnant pools of water that can rot the surrounding materials, so a simple clean out can prevent this.

Remove Large Debris & Cleaning

Large debris can cause blocking on the roof itself as well as the gutters. These blockages can lead to deterioration of the surrounding materials, usually in structural roof valleys. Having a professional clean your roof one to two times a year will help keep your roof as reflective as possible.

Ice Dams

If you are subject to cold, wet winters, then this could be an issue.

Regular Inspections

Have a professional come and check your roof every two to three years to check for any signs of repair.

Effective Ventilation

Make certain that the ventilation of your attic space is efficient. There are many factors that can lead to hot and humid air pooling in certain areas of your attic space no matter what time of year. This will increase deterioration of your roof’s structural components and can lead to major damage.

Getting Reflective

Both the surface material and insulation both can have reflective properties. The color and composition of the surface material can reflect light and heat, leading to much cooler temperatures in your attic space and of the material itself. Certain insulation materials can reflect heat which adds to the amount of heat that your roof and home or business absorbs, not only increasing your roof’s longevity, but saving you money on your utility bill as well.

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