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The Importance of Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air QualityThe US Environmental Protection Agency inspections that Americans spend an average of 87 percent of their time indoors. In your home, you may feel protected from the elements, especially if you live in a polluted city. However, the EPA also inspections that indoor pollutants may be more than 100 times the levels of pollutants outdoors. Where do these harmful substances come from, and how do you know when to be concerned? At Peak Roofing Systems, we recommend removing harmful materials and installing better ventilation to remove dangerous elements from your home. Pollutants that effect indoor air quality may include asbestos, poisonous gasses, and biological agents.


Many older homes contain products made of asbestos, a mineral that, when impacting indoor air quality, causes serious problems such as lung cancer, scarring, and mesothelioma. Old roofing and insulation can contain asbestos. If there is asbestos in your house, the materials should be professionally sealed or removed.

Poisonous Gasses

Some of the most dangerous types of indoor pollutants are those that come from fuel-burning sources such as gas stoves, water heaters, or wood stoves. If your home is not properly ventilated, carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide could build up from these devices. Both of these gases are colorless and odorless and can cause health problems or even death. It is a good idea to have proper vents and a carbon monoxide detector installed to make sure these gasses are expelled quickly.

Biological Threats

Other sources of indoor air quality pollution include molds, bacteria, dust mites, and pollen. By keeping your house clean and replacing bedding often, you will reduce levels of these substances. Mold growth is often linked to excess moisture in the attic, which may also be caused by poor ventilation.

At Peak Roofing Systems, we know that the air you breathe is vital to your health. Schedule a time for us to come inspect your home’s ventilation by calling 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your family.

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