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Summer Savings: How Roof Ventilation Saves You Money

Roofing VentilationIf you’re looking to save money on your electricity bill this summer, there’s no better option than choosing to properly ventilate your roof. Not only will proper ventilation save you money on your electricity bill each month, but it will also help to protect your roof and attic space from the elements.

About Roof Ventilation

In the heat of the summer months, asphalt shingle roofs can retain a high amount of heat on their surfaces. When the sun continues to beam down on the roof for a long period of time, the heat can actually reach the attic area when you have poor roofing ventilation. This can cause your attic to reach extreme temperatures, making your air conditioning system work harder than it should. Over time, the heat will run down into your home, causing you to experience uncomfortably warm temperatures.

To take advantage of summer energy savings, our Frisco roofers can help you keep the air in your attic space as cool as possible. This can be done by improving the overall ventilation, allowing warm air to escape the space and for fresh, cool air to come in regularly. This project should only be completed by professional roofers who are familiar with the ins and outs of proper ventilation.

Another Way to Save

Another excellent way that you can save money this summer is to increase the thickness of the insulation found within your roof. By doing this, it is harder for the heat to penetrate the roof and make its way into the interior of your household.

Working With Peak Roofing Systems

Peak Roofing Systems is here to assist customers with all of their roof repair and roof maintenance needs. With workmanship guaranteed for over seven years, you can be sure that you are receiving top notch residential roofing service that will save you money this summer.

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