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Springtime Gutter Maintenance Tips

Clean Gutters

If your home has a proper gutter system in place, it was put there for a reason. A professionally installed gutter system prevents excess water build-up on the roof, avoiding mold, mildew, and worse. Each spring, it is important to check the entire system for loose downspouts or sagging gutters, which are common after heavy rainfall, snowfall, or time. With spring upon us, it’s important to perform maintenance where it counts.

Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve donned the plastic gloves, it’s time to remove any visible dirt, debris, or leaves that have accumulated in the gutter system during winter. If any mud or debris has caked on and is stubborn, using a small putty knife is an acceptable method to remove decomposing foliage. Of course, a putty knife should be used gently to avoid any significant damage to the gutters.

Next, thoroughly rinse the gutter system using a garden hose to remove or reduce dirt or leaves. Furthermore, now is the time to tighten any loose screws or nails. Torrential rains, the wind, and snow can loosen screws over time, causing weak points in the system.

Fixing the Problems

In some cases, it is cheaper and easier to fix gutter-related issues on your own. For example, if your gutter system is clogged, removing the backed-up water is as easy as removing the debris clogging the pipes. The downspouts are considered a problem area, so examine here first. Most clogged downspouts can be cleared completely by spraying water into the end. The water will dislodge any debris, leaves, or caked-on dirt.

If you’re dealing with cracks in the system, home improvement stores usually carry gutter sealers or waterproofing products specifically for this purpose. Before you apply any sealant, ensure the gutter is clean and dried thoroughly. It is smart to sand the affected areas, too.

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