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Signs You Need a New Fence

Whether you’ve just inherited a fence with a new house or you have a fence with years of memories attached, repairing it is an inevitable task. When it comes to fence repair in Frisco, Peak Roofing Systems is the name to trust.

Common reasons for fence repair:

  • Need a New FenceAge – All wood ages (even weather-treated wood) and therefore must undergo maintenance from time to time.
  • Storm damage – High winds and hail can quickly wreak havoc on fences, wooden or not.
  • Rot – Wooden fences offer a wonderful rustic appeal, but rustic can turn to rot in a hurry.
  • Rust – Metal fences offer more protection from wind and hail damage, but oxidization and rain can both cause rust.
  • Warping – Age, support damage, and moisture can all cause this unsightly damage.
  • Life – Even occasionally destructive encounters with kids, determined animals, and misdirected mowers can all cause damage to your fence.

While repair can usually be accomplished with a few screws and a little paint or sealant, it does sometimes entail replacing a warped or damaged board or two.

When to Repair or Replace

Often, this question is answered by how much of the fence is in need of repair. If it’s only a few boards, repair is usually sufficient. The exceptions to this would be if you cannot match those few boards to the rest of the fence or if you have to remove an entire section to get to an offending plank.

If the fence repair in question involves entire sections of fence or the damage can be seen throughout the majority of the fence, replacing may be the most viable option. Sometimes it’s just a matter of change in circumstances, as well. Where a homeowner may not have minded the routine maintenance required for a beloved wooden fence before, children or age may change that. When that happens, replacing an entire wooden fence with a wood alternative is a good option.

Another common reason to simply replace a fence is due to trying to sell a house. The fence is a huge visual part of the property—it either adds aesthetic appeal or detracts from the whole package. A new fence could significantly raise your property’s value, easily boosting your sale price!

Get the Help You Need

If you’re unsure whether you should repair or replace or if you’ve already decided on a course of action and just need someone to get it done, Peak Roofing Systems is the company you need to call. To set up an appointment, call us at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732.

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