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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

Gutters Need Replacing play a huge role in keeping your house in tip-top shape, especially through the bad Texas weather. If your gutters start being less effective, it can cause serious damage to your house. Water leaks can cause walls to rot, or the gutters can freeze and cause ice damming which can damage your roof. Here are a few signs that your gutters need replacing.

1. Moldy Ceilings or Walls

If the water is not being properly whisked away from the house by the gutter, it can sit on your roof and leak through into the sheetrock of your walls. This can cause mold and rotting that can negatively impact your health and the structural integrity of your walls.

2. Sagging or Gaps

If you notice your gutters starting to pull away from your house, or sagging in a section, the gutter needs to be replaced. If you notice that there are large gaps forming between sections of the gutter, that is also a sign that the gutter is possibly damaged and needs replacement.

3. Puddles

After a rain, look for large puddles near the base of your home. This can be a sign that the water is not properly following the gutter but instead, splashing over the edge. This can call mold growth along the foundation of the house also which would be a sign it is not properly draining.

4. Rust

Take some time every few months to inspect the gutters around your house. If your gutters have become rusted, then they will not be strong enough to withstand a large volume of water. Rusted gutters may also have small holes that will allow water to leak and damage the outer walls.

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