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Shingle Damage Caused by Storms: What You Need to Know

Shingle Damage StormsIt is no secret that storms wreak havoc on roofs. From dented or missing shingles to full-blown holes in your roof, severe weather can compromise the function and structure of your roof. At times like these, you will likely need the assistance of a professional roofing company to repair shingle damage caused by storms. At Peak Roofing Systems, your professional Frisco roofers, we have the expertise to tackle any roofing repair. Here are some things to keep in mind before and during your roofing repair.

Inspection After a Storm

The power of a storm and the damage it can do to your home may startle you. In 2012, one insurance company recorded a staggering $4 billion spent to repair property damage after storms in that year. Heavy winds, snow, ice, rain and hail in your area could mean that a roofing inspection is in order. A professional roofer can spot potential pitfalls and recommend a proper fix.

Small Damages Could Mean Big Problems

While most people would agree that significant shingle damage caused by storms justifies roof repair, it is also important to fix smaller problems as well. A simple shingle tear or dent could potentially cause a roof leak which could, in turn, compromise the structure of your home. If you suspect a problem, whether large or small, seek professional help. As you work with a roofing company to choose the appropriate course of action, it may be worth your while to look into the type of shingle that best suits your home and climate. Some shingles are better suited for heat and others for cold.

Roofing Professionals to Get the Job Done Right

While shingle damage caused by storms is common, having a permanently damaged roof doesn’t need to be. If you suspect your roof has damage, please call us, Peak Roofing Systems, at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 today.

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