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What is RCAT and Why Should It Help Me Determine My Roofer?

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When searching for a professional roofer to handle your job, you may have stumbled across the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT), a statewide trade group of roofing contractors who come together to offer a voice in the industry. The entire goal of the association is to offer continuing education, research, contacts within the industry, offer the consumer help, and work with government organizations and the public.

Why Hire a Professional?

Yes, we know that cost will be a major factor as to which roofing company you choose to hire. However, hiring a professional is worth the extra money when compared to the job an “amateur” may perform on your roof. Companies just like Peak Roofing Systems only hire trained, professional roofers to handle a job.

Not all roofing contractors are experienced enough to repair hailstorm damage or to fully install shingles on your new home. This is a complicated, physically demanding trade. The professional choice has a working knowledge of the latest trends, technology, and material being used.

What Can a Professional Offer?

A professional roofing business, like Peak Roofing Systems, has numerous benefits through working with RCAT. A professional should have a few traits to offer the client, including:

  • Well-established – A professional roofer should have a permanent place of business, a work phone number for easy contact, and be certified and licensed.
  • Experienced – A roofing contractor should know his/her industry. Roofing skills are not easily learned within the span of just one week. There are methods for installing roofing that can only be taught over time and through experience.
  • Quality Material – As a client, the one thing you want most is someone willing to only use quality material for your roof. A shoddily performed job will lead to repairs down the road.

If you want a true professional roofing company, schedule an appointment with Peak Roofing Systems today. You can reach us at (972) 731-7663 for Dallas/Ft. Worth or (281) 290-7325 in Houston.

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