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Protect Yourself from Summer Storms and Roof Damage

Summer Storms and Roof DamageWhile temperatures are reliably hot this time of the year, the weather is far from predictable. Peak Roofing Systems knows that thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes can descend without warning and do a number on the exterior of your home. Although this season is notorious for bringing summer storms and roof damage without notice, there are some things you can do to be prepared and take action if you see any signs of wear.

Before a Storm

Summer may already be in full swing, but there are still things you can do to ensure your roof is in its best condition. If you have noticed any sign of leaks, it’s time to address them. Call us for an inspection to identify any roof concerns and maintenance to repair any problem areas. Another important thing to consider before a storm is the pitch of your roof. Flatter pitches are more prone to damage because they take more direct impact from hail. Roofs with pitches that are more steep, on the other hand, are less vulnerable to summer storms and roof damage. If you have a flatter pitch, pay attention to the condition of your roof throughout the season and don’t hesitate to call us if you have concerns.

Hail Damage

Our city has already seen several storms this season that have brought hail and tornadoes with them. While tornadoes are serious and can damage more than just your roof, hail is more likely. Hail can range in diameter from pea to softball-size. Larger pieces can inflict major damage on a Frisco roofing system, but wear and tear isn’t always obvious. Hail can leave dents or holes in the roof that are invisible to the untrained eye. These can turn into major water leaks the next time it rains. While fixing a hole before it turns into a leak is a simple task, untreated leaks can cause serious problems down the road.

What to Do

Summer storms and roof damage, unfortunately, often go hand in hand. After severe weather, check your roof for signs of storm damage. If you have sustained hail damage or suspect you might have a leak, call Peak Roofing Systems at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 or contact us online to schedule an inspection.

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