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How to Protect Your Roof Against Mold Growth

Mold Growing

Mold damage can be a significant threat to any home. Whenever water enters – whether from above or below – fungi known as mold can form in the drywall, wood, and carpeting. For most homes, mold growth begins in the roof. A single loose or missing shingle can offer a severe vantage point for water to enter the home from above. When a leak occurs in the ceiling, it can often go unnoticed for months, until conditions worsen. By then, it’s too late. You can prevent mold growth by being diligent, however.


Given the risk mold poses, it is important to take active steps to repair any water or moisture problems in the home. It’s important to inspect your roof regularly. If you notice any structural damage, call in a professional to repair the problem. If you see any missing shingles or holes from storm damage, either correct the problem carefully on your own or have a roofing service provider handle the job.

Furthermore, you should keep all gutters clean and free of debris. A significant buildup in the drainage system can lead to mold growth and spread from the gutters. Alternatively, the water damage that may occur from a dangerous buildup can weaken the roof and foundation of your home.

Cleaning Mold

If it’s too late and you already have mold from above, you can prevent further growth and minimize damage using a prompt response. Scour hard surfaces using detergent and water. It’s important to wear a respirator, gloves, and goggles while cleaning mold – especially with active chemicals.

For extensive mold growth, consider hiring an experienced contractor. If there is any risk of contamination from sewage or other toxins, absolutely rely on a professional.

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