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The Pros and Cons of Metal Residential Roofing

Metal Roofing Materials

When you think of a metal roof, most people think of a commercial property, because that’s what most metal roofing material is designed for. In reality, homeowners can enjoy the benefits and costs of metal roofing on their residential property, too. Although they can be noisy, metal roofs often have excellent points. Before making a decision, check out these pros and cons of metal residential roofing.


First off, the most significant benefit of a metal residential roof is the expected lifespan. When professionally installed, a metal roof can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years, on average. Many families won’t live in the same home for that amount of time. Furthermore, most roofing material manufacturers offer extended warranties covering their roofs for up to 50 years, too.

Next, metal roofing is durable. It is fire resistant and conducts heat quite well. The material even works wonders in the snow or rain, as the metal sheds both off with ease. This is possible because of the interlocking panels and hard, slippery surface.


Like any good roofing material, there are drawbacks to consider, too. For metal residential roofing, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Noise – It is common knowledge that metal roof can be noisy during a particularly bad rainstorm. Noise can be controlled, though. By installing structural barriers, the drumming effect is reduced.
  • Denting – Just like a vehicle hit by a chunk of hail, your metal roof may experience some denting. You can walk in most metal roofs, but not all. Aluminum and copper, for example, are much softer than steel, and more prone to denting.

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