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Prepping Your Roof For Springtime Hail Storms in Texas

Prepping Your Roof For Springtime Hail Storms in TexasHail is one of the most damaging weather events to a roof. In fact, after a hail storm, there is a huge need for roof repair and replacement. However, there are some simple things you can do to prep your roof for severe weather in springtime. If you have any questions, contact Peak Roofing Systems for help.

Inspect Before Storms

If you haven’t looked at your roof in awhile, now is the time to do a thorough inspection. If you don’t feel comfortable getting up on your roof, call a professional roofer to come and look around. They will check for existing damage, problem spots, and be able to repair before the storm comes and makes the issue worse.

Check for Leaks

Going along with the inspection, you are also going to want to check your roof for leaks. Leaks can be made much worse by hail storms and aren’t always apparent without knowing how to spot them. Do the following:

  • Hook up a hose on the outside of your home.
  • Get a partner to help you by sitting in your attic with a flashlight.
  • Spray the hose on the top of your roof.
  • Have your friend peer around with the flashlight in your attic.
  • Any leaks should reflect back from the light on the flashlight and become apparent.

If you have a leak, you will want to repair it quickly before the springtime hail storms hit. Contact the roofing experts at Peak Roofing Systems for more information.

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