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Leaking Roof. Emergency DIY Repairs Can Save You Money

We’ve been “blessed a plenty” with lots of rain in Dallas and Fort Worth last week. If you are experiencing a roof leak, you are not alone. Our phones are ringing with people needing emergency roof repair. There’s nothing like record-setting rain to point out the weak spots in your roof. The important thing is not to go into denial thinking it will dry up and you’ll get around to fixing it soon. My years of roofing experience say that’s not how it plays out.

Even the most enthusiastic rain lover quickly turn sour when extra rain ends up coming through their roof. Who wants to start their day realizing the drip-drip-drip they’re hearing isn’t coming from the shower? If you hear that dreaded sound, it’s time to take action.

If you see the outside rain come inside your home, there is interior damage occurring and you need to do what you can to minimize it until your roofing contractor arrives and a repair is made.

Step 1: Deal with the damage inside your home

Rain will tend to try and find the easy way out. Meaning, it will flow out of the closest hole it finds. This could be a ceiling vent, light fixture or joint in the ceiling boards. If not, you’ll likely see bubbles in the paint. Take a pin or nail and break the bubble open so the water runs out freely. Then grab a bucket and hang tight until help arrives.

Step 2: For the curious and adventurous

If you feel you need to do “something,” you can start your own private investigation to find where the leak might be. But don’t get discouraged if it remains a mystery. Leaks can be quite deceiving as water can travel before finding a place to escape. For most homes, the attic is the best place to start. If you find the source of the leak, place a bucket close to the source to minimize interior damage. There are some temporary fixes available at Home Depot or Lowes. The easiest and most affordable option is a plastic tarp. If you do not feel safe climbing up on your roof, call a roofing company for an emergency roof repair. It’s not worth the risk of a potential fall.

Step 3: Call a reputable roofing contractor

It’s going to be really tempting if someone shows up at your door the next day asking if you need help fixing your roof or if a house down the street has a roofing sign pop-up the next morning. Ask around or do thorough online research before selecting a company to do the repair. Look for a company with a physical address you can visit, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and several recent online reviews at a minimum. Unfortunately, the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston markets are plagued with fly-by-night roofing companies that swarm in when a storm hits. Don’t be a victim. You need a roof repair or roof replacement that is going to last a long time so make sure the company you choose will be here long after the project is complete.

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