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Keep Your Shelter in Stable Condition With Roof Repair

Roof RepairUnless you want to wind up like an unlucky auto repair shop in Poughkeepsie, NY, our roofing experts at Peak Roofing Systems recommend routine roof repair. A recent news story reported that heavy snowfall caused the Poughkeepsie auto shop’s roof as well as its walls to come crashing down. Thankfully, the shop was empty at the time. By keeping up with your Frisco home roof repair and roof maintenance, you can identify weak spots and other problems with your roof before it poses a serious problem for you and your family.

After the Dust Clears

Once firefighters responded to the collapse, they found that the entire back wall and roof had collapsed. The owner of the 65-year-old auto shop wasn’t able to sleep after the incident and had to demolish the entire back portion of his store. Depending on the extension of the damage, there’s a good chance that he’ll have to tear down the front part of his store as well.    

In addition to requiring roof repair as well as repair to the rest of the store, seven cars were also damaged during the collapse. The authorities were forced to evacuate two residential buildings because of the collapse. The residents were allowed to return to their homes soon after. The cause of the collapse was traced back to the use of bowstring trusses, which are no longer in use because they are not able to handle heavy loads.

Stay Safe

Think of how much devastation and frustration could have been avoided had the owner of the auto shop had obtained expert roof repair services. While proper roof repair and maintenance can’t prevent every single misfortune associated with your roof, it can most definitely go a long way and can serve as an early warning.

We want you and your family to be as safe as possible. Call Peak Roofing Systems today at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 and schedule a consultation.

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