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Is Your Roof Ready for Rain?

Roof ready for rainWith the recent storms, you may be starting to worry if your roof can withstand the intense Texas rain. There is no price you can put on the confidence that your roof won’t leak, even in the torrential downpours. Due to the warm winter, experts are expecting a lot of rain in the coming months. Peak Roofing Systems wants our clients to be ready for the rain. Here are a few precautions you can take to prepare your roof for more rain.

Check for Existing Leaks

The biggest threat to your roof is an undetected leak. Water damage can weaken the internal structure of your roof and cause dangerous mold growth. It is important that before another large rain storm that you check your roof for existing leaks. Have a friend run your hose over your roof as you climb into your attic with a flashlight. Look around in the dark with your flashlight and search for any reflections of water dripping from your roof. Any bloated wood or mildew smell is a good indication that you have a leak.

Clean Your Gutters

For rain to be properly directed away from your roof, your gutters need to be clear of debris. Do a thorough cleaning of your gutters and downspouts before the next rainstorm.

Professional Inspection

It is a good idea to get a professional opinion regarding your roof at least annually. A roofing professional can look for subtle signs of damage or leaks before they become large, costly issues. Call your local roofing contractor to perform a regular roofing inspection.

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