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Installing Polycarbonate Or PVC Roofing Sheets

PVC Roofing for Your Home or Business

When it comes to any type of roofing project, whether you’re installing polycarbonate or PVC roofing sheets, safety is the number one goal to keep in mind. First off, be sure to have all safety equipment prepared for the job. If working high up, it is best to have a safety harness and scaffolding in place. All roofing jobs are challenging and a significant security risk if proper precautionary steps are not taken. In fact, it’s best to leave such work to an experienced professional.

Starting an Installation

When you first begin installing PVC roofing sheets, the first step is to ensure proper placement. You see, PVC roofing sheets have a specific side that must face the sun; otherwise, their benefits are completely ignored. It is imperative to follow the directions on the material, first and foremost.

Secondly, purlin tape placed carefully over the rafters can prevent noise during expansion. This is an important step that many amateurs tend to forget while performing an installation.

Safety First

When it comes to installing any type of roofing, safety should be top priority – whether you’re an amateur or as experienced as they come. Skipping proper safety practices because they consume too much time is how accidents happen.

In the work area, be sure to keep everything clean and organized. If possible, block off the material, tools, and workspace from children or passerby. This will minimize the risk of an accident occurring. Secondly, never work on a wet roof, always wear proper footwear, and using a safety harness while working on a steeply-pitched roof of any kind.

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