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How to Tell If Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

If your shingles are getting on in years, or if you have recently been through a patch of bad weatherRoof Need Replacement, you may find yourself wondering how to tell if your roof needs to be replaced. Peak Roofing Systems is a trusted Frisco roofing company. We’ll help you determine if your roof needs to be replaced and provide experts for every step of the replacement or repair process.

Things to Look for Inside

One of the biggest signs that your roof needs to be replaced is a sagging of the roof deck from the inside of your home. The roof deck is the layer of material between the trusses and joints of your roof and the materials such as insulation that form the outer layer of the roof. It is generally not visible from the rooms inside your home, but can often be seen in the attic or another space about the home. You should also check for signs of leaking in the roof. These can manifest themselves in the form of stains or dark trails on the ceiling long before you actually begin to see water dripping into the house.

Things to Look for Outside

Another thing to look for when trying to figure out  how to tell if your roof needs to be replaced by looking at it from the outside. Do this by checking the shingles for signs of cracking, looseness, or bald patches on the roof. Damaged shingles can be found anywhere, but they are often most common around chimneys and pipes that penetrate the roof. You can also check your gutters for shingle granules. It is normal for shingles to shed some granules, but an excessive amount is often a sign of wear. Finally, check for mold, excessive moisture, and other signs of rot around the shingles and in the eaves of your roof.

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