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Four Warning Signs of a Leaky Roof

Leaky RoofAt Peak Roofing Systems, we know a small leak in your roof can lead to big problems if left untreated. While some signs of a leaky roof, like ceiling spots, are easy to pinpoint, others are extremely hard to identify to the untrained eye. Here are four warning signs that indicate your roof may need maintenance.

1. Roof and Ceiling Spots

Let’s start with the obvious. When water seeps into your roof, sometimes you will see the problem right above you. Ceiling stains and watermarks are a surefire sign that you may have a leak. You may also see water stains around your chimney and vents.

2. Roof Rot

The bigger this problem is, the easier it is to spot. Roof rot happens when the mat under the shingles absorbs water and moisture. It is most common with shingles made from organic materials, but can strike other materials as well. One exception is metal roofing, which is impervious to rot.

3. Warped Shingles

Buckling and curling shingles can both be warning signs of a leaky roof, but can also be mistaken for other types of damage. Buckling shingles are typically the result of movement in the deck of the roof or felt that wasn’t applied correctly. Curling shingles can be caused by absorption of water. Warped shingles can become a circular problem, as they do not adequately protect the roof from leaks. This can lead to further damage.

4. Algae

In the beautiful state of Texas, our roofs are particularly susceptible to hot and humid weather, and are the perfect breeding grounds for mold and algae. While spotting mold on your roof isn’t necessarily the sign of a leak, it can be a precursor to damage if left untreated.

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