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Four Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

Gutter ReplacementEver notice when it rains a lot that the water seems to be pouring in spurts off your roof? That isn’t a weird weather incident – it is a sign your gutters need some attention. Your home may greatly benefit from gutter replacement from our specialists at Peak Roofing Systems if you notice any of the following four things:

Uneven Gutters

You might notice that your gutters have begun to slouch in certain spots. This can affect the run of rainwater, which can cause it to pool instead of heading toward the downspout. You might be able to replace just one patch, but if your home looks like it has a gutter roller coaster, a total makeover may be in order.

Superficial Damage

Have rust or cracks? You might want to contact your Frisco roofing company. Those issues can cause leaks, resulting in water all over your home.

Pooling Water

A gutter is supposed to guide water off your roof and through the downspout. If you see water pouring onto the ground below – or even coming through in drips – creating a puddle, you are likely in need of gutter replacement.

Flooded Basement

Believe it or not, low-level issues can indicate a problem up top. Overflowing water can seep into your basement instead of puddling on the ground.

If you have noticed any of these issues around your home, you are likely in need of a partial or total gutter replacement. At Peak Roofing Systems, we specialize in identifying and remedying your gutter needs. Call us today at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732.


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