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Four Signs You May Need Expert Roof Repair

Roof RepairA roof protects a home from the elements. A roof may need to be repaired if you notice certain signs. Peak Roofing Systems has vast experience in roof repair and the installation of new roofs.

 1. Detached or Missing Shingles

Shingles wear out over time. Constant exposure to snow, hail, wind and heat weakens them. They will eventually crack and separate, meaning you could need roof repair.  Shingles that are compromised or missing leave your home exposed to the elements. Multiple missing shingles can exacerbate the problem.

 2. Lost Nails

Nails are a very important element of roof construction. If they are missing, it means there is a small hole in the roof. This may allow water to enter a home over time and cause interior damage.

 3. Water Leaks

If water leaks from the ceiling when there is rain or snow accumulation, your roof probably needs to be fixed. Water stains on walls and sagging ceilings are other indications you should consult our Frisco roofing company. Leaks can encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

 4. Changes in Utility Bills

An increase in heating and cooling bills can be another sign you need roof repair.  If there is a hole or leak in a roof, it may bring cold air in the house during the winter and hot air inside during the summer months. Your HVAC unit will have to work harder to compensate, ultimately driving up the utility bill.

These are four signs you need roof repair. Call Peak Roofing at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 for all your roofing repair and replacement needs.


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