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What to Expect From Commercial Roofing Leak Repair

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Whether you’ve got a small leak or an extensive problem, a leak is nothing to shy away from. You’ll want to track down the source of the water before conditions worsen. If left too long, you’re looking at extensive, costly repairs. That just won’t do. Commercial leak repair can solve your problems. First, though, you should understand what leak repair entails.


First off, any professional roofing company worth their price will perform an assessment. It’s important to locate the source of the leak, not just where the water is spotted. More often than not, the leak is hidden. Using the latest tools and technology, tracking a leak is easier than ever. For example, non-destructive moisture scans can help locate sources of trapped moisture. In fact, the roof itself may not be the source. Many times, the leak may stem from cladding, glazing, or wall penetrations.

Course of Action

When considering the best course of action, it’s important to consider several items. For instance, is the roof under warranty, is the reason for the leak covered, and what is the remaining lifespan of the roof?

Depending on these answers, moving forward may vary. If the roof is in decent shape, permanent repairs are worth the cost. If the roof is damaged beyond repair and the lifespan is nearly up, a replacement may be worth the investment.


The cost associated with commercial leak repair can vary. The scope of the damage, the type of roof, and the repairs required will affect the price. It’s important you receive a quote before any work commences, though. Speak with your chosen roofing company.

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