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Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced if it Leaks?

A leaky roof does not always need to be replaced. To determine the best course of action, get an inspection for a leaky roof. A roofing expert will identify whether you’re dealing with a minor problem that can be easily repaired, such as a few broken tiles, or a much bigger issue that might require a new roof.

Without immediate and proper attention, a leak can quickly worsen and jeopardize your home, with potential problems ranging from mold problems to structural damage to a fully compromised roof that needs to be replaced. Rather than attempting to patch up loose or broken shingles and tiles on your own, let the experts in roof maintenance and repair handle the job. Give the professionals at Peak Roofing a call at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 for all of your roofing concerns.

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