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DIY Repairs for Any Roof

DIY RepairsWhile most roof repairs are best left to the experts, there are a few small projects you can do yourself in order to properly maintain your roof. If you are starting to feel a little in over your head during your DIY repairs, be sure to call us at Peak Roofing Systems, your expert Frisco roofers.

Replace a Damaged Shingle

While the weekend warriors of DIY should not tackle large roof repairs, fixing one or two loose or broken shingles on your roof can be an easy project for any handy homeowner. Start by gently prying up your damaged shingle with a flat bar in order to separate the seal-down strips from the roof. Find where your shingle is nailed down, then wedge the notch of your flat bar underneath the broken shingle where the nails are. Using your pry bar as a lever, bring up both the shingle and the nail. Once your old shingle is off, use it as a template for where the nails should go for your new shingle.

Cleaning Stains on Your Roof

If your shingles are starting to get streaky stains on them over time, try giving them a deep cleaning to remove the discoloration and protect your home from mold and mildew in the future. If you have an incredibly steep roof, it is best to call in the experts, as these DIY repairs can sometimes be dangerous in the wrong conditions. With only a full body harness, garden sprayer, garden hose, and cleaner, you can deep clean your roof and remove those unsightly streaks from your eye line.

While most roofing jobs can be dangerous and are best handled by licensed professionals, there are a few very minor DIY repairs that any handy homeowner can accomplish. Call the Peak Roofing Systems experts at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 for an inspection on your major or minor roof repair.

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