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Designing Your Roof With Modern Roofing Installation

Roofing InstallationWhen designing your new home, it is important to factor in your roofing installation as part of the planning. Our specialists at Peak Roofing Systems can help you establish your style and plan for the long-term future of your roof.

Choose the Shape of Your Roof

There are several different types of roofs that are built onto modern houses. The four most common roofing types are:

  1. Hip Roof: A hip roof has slopes located around all four sides of a rectangular home. These roofing edges join at each corner to create hips.
  2. Monopitch Roof: This roof has only one sloping plane, allowing one side of the home to be higher than the opposite side with the roof pitching downward. This type of roof allows for excellent scenic views with high windows on the higher side.
  3. Duopitch Roof: A duopitch roof is the most common type of roofing installation. These roofs are pitched with two sloping planes meeting at a top ridge with a gable located on either side.
  4. Mansard Roof: Mansard roofs are common in France and also on older, traditional barn structures. This roof has a double-pitched roof plane, which creates a half-octagon shape at the top of the home.

Each roofing type has its own aesthetic benefits, and your roofing selection plays a large part in establishing the overall style of your home.

Plan the Future of Your Roof

If you eventually plan to expand your living space into the attic, there are a few design modifications that will give you more flexibility in the future. When selecting your trusses, consider going with an Attic Truss Roof rather than a Fink Truss Roof. This expansive framing method will prevent you from having to modify the structure of your roof during your renovation. When planning your roofing installation, you may also want to consider adding your insulation under the sloping roof rather than rolling it out above the ceiling. This way you will save time and money by not having to reinsulate during your upcoming renovation.

If you are considering purchasing a new roof, contact our professionals at Peak Roofing Systems by dialing 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732. The specialists at our local Frisco roofing company will help you achieve both your aesthetic and long-term roofing goals with our roofing installation services.

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