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Could Mold Be Growing on My Roof?

mold growing on roofThere aren’t many things worse than mold and mildew, but what if they infest your roof? Not only does mold look bad, it’s also harmful to your family as well as the structure of your roof and home.

Peak Roofing Systems is a trusted Frisco roofer, and our company specializes in quality roof repair that is reliable and affordable. Here are some answers to popular mold and mildew questions.

Why does mold grow on residential roofs?

Roof mold begins with wood rot, which is caused by roof algae and moss eating through your shingles. This wood rot allows moisture to get in through the cracks, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive.

How is mold on your roof harmful?

Different types of mold have different health effects, and people with asthma or mold allergies are more susceptible to a reaction than others. Generally, mold can cause asthma and respiratory problems in people of all ages. Some fungi species, though, can cause serious effects to the respiratory, circulatory, skin, and nervous systems.

How can you prevent mold growth from growing on your roof?

The key to mold growth prevention is moisture control. The quicker the affected area dries completely, the better. Although professional removal is recommended, you can try to remove the mold yourself by cleaning it off the roof. Be sure there are no leaks in the ductwork, as this moisture will create the growth of more mold.

Remember, the mold must be removed completely because the harmful chemicals will still be present, even when the mold is dead. Always avoid breathing in mold, and wear goggles and gloves when attempting the removal by yourself.

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