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Common Causes of Roof Damage

Roof Damage‘A roof over your head’ is one a turn of phrase that is supposed to illicit comfort. However if your roof is having issues, it can be anything but comfortable. A leaking roof is often the result of common damage either from installation defect or mother nature. We will review some of the most common causes of roof damage and what you can do to fix it.

Summer Storms

Summer storms can be intense. With heavy rain, hail, and high winds, it puts your roof to the test. Often these storms can slightly damage or wear your roof down and by the end of the season you will be facing some big issues if you don’t repair it by winter. Hail can crack or damage roof shingles that will allow water to seep under the sealant, damaging the wood underneath. High winds can pull up or even rip off shingles. After a big storm, always take a look at your roof and address the small damage before it turns into a big concern.

Winter Freezes

If there are any small cracks in your sealant, winter weather can cause havoc on your roof. Water seems in-between shingles and expands when it freezes, prying the shingles up off the roof. When this ice melts it can cause rot of the area under your roof. Combine this with the possibility of ice damming from improper gutters, and you are putting your entire roof at risk. Before the winter months hit, have a licensed roofing contractor come and inspect your roof and gutters.

Improper Sealant

Sealant that is not properly seated under the shingle and protected from the elements, will start to deteriorate. This will result in leaking and roof damage. When installing a new roof, or repairing shingles, make sure to only hire an experienced roofing contractor who understands the importance of proper sealant placement. This can be the difference of years in your roof’s lifespan.

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