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Commercial Roofing Problems That Deserve Immediate Action


Commercial roofingcommercial roofing is an expensive investment. As such, it deserves your care and attention. Unfortunately, many building owners find repairs and ongoing maintenance to be a hassle. They forego proper care. However, the faster you catch a problem, the less expensive the repair process. Over time, even the most stalwart of commercial roofs may develop issues. In fact, a replacement may be needed if you don’t act fast.

Standing Water

Standing water is a frequent problem – typically caused by clogged or blocked drains. Often, standing water is due to poor roof design or installation, though. Allowing water to remain may cause extensive leaks, which can be costly if not taken care of. Before repairs commence, it’s important to find the source of the water. Sometimes it’s as simple as locating a blocked drain.


New roofing penetrations compromise the sanctity of commercial roofing systems. Unless you take proper action, these penetrations or punctures can lead to considerable damage and increased costs. For single-ply or spray polyurethane foam roofing systems, damage from foot traffic is often the primary cause. A penetration often leads to underlying harm, leaks, and reduced efficiency.


When a commercial roof is improperly installed, roof blow-off is a genuine possibility. Blow-offs mainly occur during severe storms and high winds. All it takes is one corner or chunk of the membrane to lift upwards, and the wind is trapped underneath. Uplift and blow-off damage is considered severe, leading to water damage, ruptured membranes, and underlying issues.

It’s important to inspect your roof after every major storm, just to be safe. If you’re uncomfortable doing so, call a professional roofing company to handle the task.

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