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Commercial Roof Construction: Know Your Roofing Types

commercial roof constructionAt Peak Roofing Systems, we’re interested in making sure you are informed about the nature of commercial roof construction. That will help you better understand the choices we make and feel more comfortable about the project as a whole.

How Commercial Roofing Differs From Residential Roofing

Commercial roof construction is an endeavor distinct from residential roof installation in a variety of ways. Scale is the most obvious one – some commercial buildings have roofs that seem to take up acres of space! The sheer expanse of a commercial roof can make it more vulnerable to the elements.

Degrees of Slope

Commercial roofing designs use a variety of slopes. The simplest, a flat roof, is composed of three layers. The bottom layer protects against water damage. The next layer up is meant to prevent punctures, and the top layer keeps the other layers from being harmed by the sun’s rays, hail and foot traffic.

It is especially important to implement effective drainage systems on flat roofs. Low slope roofs have a drop of around three inches per foot and are generally composed of the same layers that make up flat roofs. Drainage is also a concern with these roofs. Water becomes less of an issue with steep slope roofs that have a drop of more than three inches per foot.

At Peak Roofing Systems we use a variety of materials for commercial roof construction. Ask us about the materials we prefer to use for Frisco commercial roofing. You can contact us at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732.

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