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Can I Replace Damaged Shingles Myself?

Replace Damaged ShinglesIf you are a handyman at heart and feel comfortable working on a roof, you can try to replace damaged shingles on your own. Do-it-yourself roofing repairs often take significantly longer than professional ones, so make sure you have the skills, tools and time to complete the job.

Before you start your roof shingle repairs, you need to figure out what led to the damage. Understanding the cause of the problem will help you determine how to do the repairs, including which materials and supplies you need. If you make any mistakes along the way – or don’t want to take a DIY approach to begin with – look for a local company that specializes in roof repairs. Contact Peak Roofing at 972-731-7663 | 972-810-3732 to get a free inspection and learn how we can fix your roof today.

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