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The Benefits of “Green Roofing”

Green Roof Frisco,TX

Green roofing is becoming more prevalent amongst homeowners nowadays. These roofs are eco-friendly and offer countless benefits to homeowners. What is a green roof? Green roofing is a style of roof that is partially or wholly covered in vegetation or plants. This vegetation is planted within a waterproof membrane installed during the roofing process. An irrigation system and drain system, plus a root barrier, are included. It’s a wholesome technique.

Green Roofing Benefits

The most prominent benefit property owners will enjoy with a green roof is the significantly reduced energy usage throughout the house. This energy usage decrease will occur during summer and winter seasons. During the summer, the green roof prevents heat from penetrating the interior of the home. Therefore, your new roof reduces cooling load, saving you money.

During the winter, the green roof insulates the interior of your home, preventing the chilly weather from entering. In some areas, green roofing leads to fifty to seventy percent reduction in energy consumption during winter.


Initially, the cost to install a green roof is slightly higher than your conventional roofing materials. This is a new, innovative method, though. Prices will drop as the industry discovers new installation techniques and suitable materials.

For now, the cost of investment is worth considering. The savings you’ll receive over the long-term, mostly due to reduced energy consumption, help recoup costs over time. Furthermore, a green roof will substantially increase the value of your home and surrounding property. The overall appearance of your building will also be bolstered. Many people find green roofs, with their flowers and plants, to be an aesthetically pleasing method.

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