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Ask the Engineer About Gutter Guards When Replacing Gutters

Clean Gutters

When your gutters begin to leak, drip, or are beaten and bent from ladders placed against them, it could be time to invest in replacement gutters. Another time when replacing your gutters makes sense is when having a brand new roof installed. It is quite reasonable to have a professional roofer replace the gutters when installing said new roof for two reasons:

  1. Your existing gutters may be as old as the roof itself.
  2. When installing a new roof, roofers may ruin the current gutters by pressing ladders against them or resting material and tools on top of them.

Ask the Engineer

When having a new roof installed or simply replacing the gutters, ask an engineer in charge whether gutter guards are worthwhile. For many homes, gutter guards will protect from debris, leaves, and grime forming in the gutter system. If you are tired of cleaning the gutters every so often, look into gutter guards.

Trees close to your home may shed their leaves, which ultimately clog the gutter. A gutter guard’s benefits include:

  • No debris can collect in the top of the openings
  • No debris large enough to clog the gutter can get through
  • Any debris that does fall onto the gutter openings, you will notice from the ground level can be brushed away
  • Gutter guards help collect rain water without overshooting

Proper Landscaping

Believe it or not, whether or not your property has been landscaped properly can play a big part in the decision to replace your gutters. Diverters are typically used on the roof to remove water from the doorways, keeping everyone dry as they enter or leave. If the property is not landscaped correctly, however, this system may be faulty.

If that is the case, gutter guards and a new gutter system will be beneficial to your home.

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