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5 Tips For Keeping Clean Gutters

Keeping Clean GuttersGutters will keep you a bit dryer on going in and out, but they also keep your walls cleaner and prevent their deterioration. In order to keep your walls clean and dry, you must keep your gutters clean and clutter free. Keeping the clutter out of the gutter will also increase the longevity of the edges of your roof. Here are five easy tips for keeping those gutters clean.

1. Safety First

Having a buddy is always a good idea when using a ladder, and be sure to use the correct type of ladder for getting up to your gutters. Four legged step ladders or extension ladders that lean against the wall are recommended for the most stable platforms.

2. Scoop it Out

A couple of companies make gutter scoops, be sure to get a plastic scoop since a metal scoop can scratch and damage the bottom of your gutter. You can also purchase an extension pole that can attach to the gutter scoop. This will allow you to reach further without having to move your ladder as often. This can get dirty, call a professional if you would like to keep clean.

3. Hose it Down

Use your standard garden hose with a pistol-grip spray nozzle attached. Spray towards the downspout to let heavier sediments drain out. If your downspout connects to a subsurface drain, be sure to disconnect it before it goes underground to avoid hard to reach clogs.

4. Downspouts

Lastly, spray water down your downspout to clear and hanging or wedged debris. If water starts to pool, the clog can sometimes by tapping the side of the downspout.

5. Maintenance and Prevention

Make sure you clean your gutters at least twice a year; during the spring and fall. To keep your gutters cleaner longer, gutter guards can be attached. However, be cautious because many of the gutter guards are great in theory but won’t give you the results you desire.

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