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3 Common Signs of a Roof Leak

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Your roof is designed to protect your home, family, and belongings. That’s a big job! At times, your roof just needs a little love. If you forego proper maintenance or repairs, you’re in for a troubling time. Most roofs will develop a leak once or twice throughout their entire lifetime. If you act promptly, you won’t have an issue. Of course, that means watching for the typical signs. Catch one of these symptoms early, call Peak Roofing Systems, and you’ll be on the way to a healthier roofing system.

Water Stains

An interior water stain will look similar to an extensive puddling on your walls or ceiling. These marks are often ringed with brown. However, some stains are difficult to spot, as they’re hidden in dark corners of the room. Others are too small. If you find any discoloration, take a close look at mold, moisture, or other signs of a leak.


If you spot a drip, or moisture on the walls or stains, you may have a leak somewhere in your roof. Even if the leak seemingly goes away, have the issue checked over. You may have an ice dam, which is caused by the freezing and subsequent thawing of snow and ice. This water moves underneath the shingles, then refreezes, causing leaks randomly.

Exterior Water Spots

On occasion, take a walk around your property. Check the exterior walls for any water spots or stains. If you notice water spots, you may have an issue at the point where your walls meet the roof. A leak here could also mean an issue with the flashing. You’ll want it examined by a professional quickly.

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